Phoebe Davies

Phoebe is a Welsh artist and researcher, her practice spans live performance, audio installations, videos and print.  When on the decks she plays disco, hip hop and global beats often intertwined with field recordings and pop samples

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Johanna Hardt

Researcher, curator and Dj interested in experiences and encounters prompted by the sonic. As j00ha her mixes range from industrial techno to downtempo to late 90s electronic dance music

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Sylvia Ugga

Graphic designer, selector
New things, old things, cold beats, warm beats, not afraid of contradictions

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Poppy Tibbetts

Poppy T is a composer and DJ working under the name MX World. Her work is highly personal and contemplative; often considering themes such as loneliness, embodiment, fantasy and anxiety

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Poppy Moroney

Artist and DJ


Emil Thornton

Emil is an LGBT activist working to make electronic music more diverse, inclusive and accessible. They have a deep love for techno and experimental music

Laurel Uziell

Fionnuala Kennedy

Fionnuala is a performance artist and musician. Her performances are inspired by accidental atmospheres. She makes music with her sibling in an analogue electronic duo called Uh. She is currently learning to CDJ, mixing Krautrock with pure vocal pieces.

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