Synaptic Island will be part of Vortex an emerging 3D exhibition in a fully interactive, 3d, virtual Corsica Studios with contemporary experimental arts platform  SCHEMATA  launching on the 26.03.21 
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Urgently and slowly

The events of recent weeks, with the murder of George Floyd, a black man, murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis has brought the issue of Black Lives to the forefront.  Everyone in the Synaptic Island group has been hesitant to speak about this on the show today, as we didn’t want to prescribe to our listeners to choose one action over another.  Right now, we are all responding differently and some of us come from different racial backgrounds - but one thing that we all recognise is that, this is not a one-off incident over a couple of weeks.  Nothing has changed, nothing is new or different - people are just paying attention (but we hope this can be a pivotal moment).  People all over the world, are rushing to make visible their virtue signaling, driven by the performative pressures of social media - but not everyone is listening or thinking.

We would like to invite you to take the time, in the same ways we are right now - for reflection.  Be transparent with yourself about how you are living your life and understand the privilege you hold. Dismantling the language and systems of oppression, starts in your mind, your behaviour and your home.   The injustice of racism against black people is so entrenched into the very fabric of society, so we ask you to take the time, to yes, act urgently, but also slowly – taking the right kind of actions.

You may already know, there are ways you can participate in the immediate, to support activists who are risking their lives in the fight for equality.

We’re sharing some links here to support information and Black resources

We know this is not nearly enough and what we are sharing today is just the beginning of our conversation.  Nothing short of a lifelong commitment to this conversation and committed action - is enough. We have to be allies in this movement.  We have decided to listen, research and reflect, as we understand that this is an evolving process.

COVID-19 + Resonance FM 

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be collaborating online to produce  brand new pre-recorded episodes of Synaptic Island instead of broadcasting live from Resonance FM.
Our usual slot of
3.30PM - 4.30PM on Saturdays  stays the same until further notice. 
Stay tuned!

Workshops | Open Decks | Events 
Watch this space...we are working on some exciting stuff that we can’t wait to share with you.
For further enquiries please email

Resonance FM 104.4

We're really excited to have returned to Resonance FM and will be broadcasting in our usual Saturday slot of 3.30PM - 4.30PM.  
There will be music, a bit of chat, guests and interviews. Following our listening session structure, we will have a different theme every week...just an excuse to play music and get people that we love on air.
Tune into 104.4 FM or on the web player at
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Open Deck Session
Corsica Studios
Monday 04/11
1pm - 6pm

Bookings for DJ lessons are open for Monday 4th of Nov - Free - come learn the basics
email us at

Listening Session # 12 
(6.30pm - 9pm)
+ Open Deck Afternoon  (1pm - 5pm)
Monday 20/05

**These sessions are open to women, non binary people, and all other trans people.** We will be hosting our 12th Listening Session at Corsica Studios with the theme:

~ S I B L I N G S ~
Music can often be a family thing. Looking back in history, many great bands and iconic duos share the same name. Whether they are making music together or just initiating one another.
What is kinship through music? Does intimacy facilitate self-expression and actual harmony?
As always bring one track (MP3 format) in response to the theme which you would like to share with the group. We welcome music of all genres. You may respond to the theme in any way you like. There is no pressure to bring or even play a track at the session, you are welcome to just come and listen.
With advance notice we can arrange special requests or assistance. For further information please email:

The Common Room in Cardiff

Freya Dooley invites Synaptic Island to host a listening session at Chapter Arts Centre as part of her current exhibition, The song settles inside of the body it borrows, with the theme:

hooks, riffs and multiples,
chewing over,
real and imagined

If you would like to join us for an evening of collective listening, please bring one track (MP3 format) in response to the above theme which you would like to share with the group. We welcome music of all genres and you may respond to the theme in any way you like. There is no pressure to bring or even play a track at the session, you are welcome to just come and listen.
more infos and booking HERE

Synaptic Island Open Deck Session
Monday 05/19
1pm - 5pm

Come and play your favourite tracks on Corsica’s sound system. All you need to bring is a memory stick of tracks you know well and would like to play. No experience necessary.
Drop us a line so we can book you in and show you the rope

Resonance FM

Tune in at 6pm on @resonancefm for International Women’s day 2019 our collective @synapticisland will be on live for a hour to play music and present what we do
The theme will be IDOLS and we’ll talk and share the music of our beloved female/non-binary/trans music producers
Keywords: heroines, superstars, goddesses… who do you love?… and why do they inspire you? Female fandom can often be a form of resistance and supporting your favourite artists and their music can help you express concerns over sexuality, gender, and forced conformity...

Wysing Polyphonic festival 2018

For the ninth edition of annual music festival Wysing's Director, Donna Lynas, has worked in collaboration with Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother) and Paul Purgas (Emptyset) to develop a line-up that brings together some of the most exciting UK and international artists working today.
Synaptic Island will be running 2 listening sessions between 3pm and 5pm