+ ART NIGHT 2108 

JULY 7  – 6PM TO 9PM

Synaptic Island is hosting a listening session for Public Market Place, a collective project that features six participatory ‘market stalls’ asking audience members to act as participants instead of consumers as part of London’s contemporary arts festival Art Night 2018.

The theme for the listening sessions is Field Recordings.

These sonic recordings, that range from voices to low level and complex ambient noises, are produced outside a recording studio and are long a common source to be found in a variety of musical genres, from avantgarde music, to film and video games soundtracks, to radio documentaries, to DJ sets.  

Synaptic Island invites you to
  • either bring a track that relates to the theme
  • do your own field recording by studying the elements of the acoustic ecology of the particular location of the session

Simply record it on your phone and bring it along to be featured in the mix. Share tracks to be featured in the mix via USB, or Phone.
This document of oral presentations and shared tracks will be live mixed and later shared online.

Riverlight Estate9 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, SW8 5BP

Nearest tube: 4 minute walk from Vauxhall Station


Synaptic Island will be hosting a Listening  Session at the Annual Music Festival at Wysing Art Centre